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November 03, 2011

Amazing Updates!

Actually, I debated on the title being "Amazing That I'm Updating", but decided against it. Hopefully, the news I'm sharing will make up for it.

Well, without writing a whole novel, our big news is that we've been matched with a birth mom!!! She's due January 1st & we are absolutely ecstatic! There will be so much more to share about our story, but for now, we need your continued prayers that all works out according to God's plan. 

As most of you know, we've posted all of our fundraising efforts on Facebook and sent out emails. We had also applied for a couple of grants and a no interest adoption loan. We were denied for one of the grants and the loan, both stating they just didn't have the funds to help everyone who applies. We are still waiting to hear back from one of the grants. We also didn't have a specific amount, but now we do and we need your help! We will need to raise almost $12,000 total and $4,000 of that in about a week! Who wants to help bring our baby boy home? We still have our coffee and t-shirt fundraising links here on the sidebar and the paypal link for monetary donations. Would you also please consider sharing this with your friends? We are trusting God will provide through his people!

I will update often! 


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