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January 26, 2012

Finding Words. Finding Faith.

I've been fairly quiet via social media. I've been searching for the right words to share. Finding out just how strong my faith is at this moment in time.

There are many risks involved when you step out in faith to answer God's heart for the fatherless. But, you don't focus on the risks. You focus on the very one who is ordering your footsteps. And our focus remains there. At this time, it looks like the birth mom we were matched with has changed her mind. We may never know the reason, but that's okay. We'll continue to pray for her and baby boy. And stretch our faith a little lot more while we wait to be chosen again.

We are staying with the same agency, which is a huge blessing. We still have funds to raise for the agency and legal, so we'll continue on while we pray and wait. Thank you again to all who have helped us along this journey. We are eternally grateful. If you still would like to help, our Paypal link, coffee and t-shirt fundraisers are still available on the sidebar. 




  1. So sorry Stacia. Realizing that God has it all worked out is a comfort, I'm sure. We will be keeping you guys in our prayers.