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November 03, 2015



That's what I do every, single time I see a photo of this precious family! I loved watching them walk through their adoptions with such grace. Hannah was gracious to share a little about adoption & you can catch up with her over here on her blog. 

Adoption was nagging at me for a couple years. When I read adoption blogs, I’d cry and ask my husband to donate to their cause. I talked about adoption all the time and tried to convince everyone I knew to adopt. Except myself. 

We had two kids keeping me on my toes and I was set in my ways. So I was good at talking myself out of adoption. But it wouldn’t stop nagging at my heart.

One day my husband came to me and said he felt that God wanted us to pursue adoption. And suddenly all of my hesitancy melted away, because I knew this had been a long time coming. I just needed someone else to push me over the edge!

Saying yes was just the beginning of the process. There was paperwork to fill out, phone appointments, meetings, doctor visits, and more paperwork. But we rushed through the early stages as fast as we could! And then came the waiting. And more waiting.

The path that led us to our two babies was bumpier than we expected. It didn’t always look the way we envisioned and definitely wasn’t as smooth as we’d hoped. But it was so worth it.

Because when we started the adoption process, I thought it was something we were supposed to do because babies needed us. But I was so wrong. We were the ones who needed them. The joy they have brought into our family, the laughter, the love: we needed them to complete us.

Chris & Hannah,
Isaiah, Leah, Enoch & Phoebe


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