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September 07, 2011

Adoption Updates, etc.

Our first fundraiser is off to a slow start. We launched the first online auction from our Facebook page. We are getting many people viewing it, but so far only one bid. Hopefully, we'll get some great bids soon. 

We already have a few donations towards a second online auction that will be launched as soon as the current one ends. 

Our next exciting fundraiser is scheduled for October 10th. A Haircut Fundraiser is that day, and we'll get 100 % proceeds. How awesome is that? We're working on flyers to pass around to advertise more locally, but also will be posting on Facebook.

We've also been given the opportunity to fund raise through a wonderful pizzeria! More details coming very soon!

I'm not a salesperson. But, I'm passionate about this journey we are on and trusting God to lead us. Adoption is expensive. The average adoption is $25,000 to $45,000. Since our Father in heaven is the very one who created adoption, we believe He will provide. Faith. And walking through every open door. 


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